Festival Winners

  • Grand Prix of the 3rd International Festival of chamber and mono performances LUDI – the play "The Adventures of Shipov, or the Old Vaudeville" (Kaluga Regional Drama Theater, director - Alexander Pletnev)
  • Diplomas of the Oryol branch of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation:
  • The play "Natasha's Dream" (Theater "Free Space", Oryol) – "For the scenic embodiment of the theme of humanism and compassion"
  • The play "Diary of a Geisha" (Municipal Theater "Russian Style", Oryol) – "For the depth of penetration into the national flavor and spirit of Japan»

Young Judges Diplomas:

  • «Best Actor» – Andre Moshoy, solo performance “Confessions of a Mask» (theater “Russian Stage”, Berlin, Germany)
  • «Best Actress» – Маria Siniaeva, solo performance “A letter from a Tenant”   (Independent theater project «Zhelezno!», Saint-Petersburg)
  • "Best Director" – Alexander Mikhailov, the play "Natasha's Dream" (Theater "Free Space", Oryol)
  • "The best stage designer" – Anna Nazarova, performance "Diary of a Geisha" (Municipal Theater "Russian Style", Oryol)
  • "Best Performance" –"Natasha's Dream" (Theater "Free Space", Oryol).  


  • "Best actor" - Andre Moshoy, solo performance "Confessions of a Mask" (Theater "Russian Stage", Berlin)
  • "Best Actress" - Valeria Zhilina, play "Natasha's Dream" (Theater "Free Space", Oryol)
  • "The Best Director" - Oleg Rodovilsky and Marina Belyavtseva, play  "Woman in the Sands" (theater "ZERO", Israel)
  • "The Best Designer" - Georgy Pashin,   play "Natalie" (Municipal Drama Theater "Chamber Stage", Samara)
  • "Best Actors Duo" - Ostap Stupka and Dmitry Rybalevsky - performance "On the Field of Blood" (Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, Kiev, Ukraine)
  • "Best Performance" - "Miracle with a Chink" (Theater "School of Dramatic Art", Moscow)
  • Special prize from the Chairman of Judges, People's Artist of Russia Leonid Kheifets - Vladimir Petrenko for directing the performance "KIM" (Youth Theater "VERIM!", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).


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