Festival Winners

  • The Grand Prix of the 5th International Festival of Chamber and Solo Performances of LUDI - "The Queen of Spades" (Grodno Regional Puppet Theater, Belarus, director and author of the idea Oleg Zhugzda, stage design by Margarita Stasulenok).


  • for the loyalty to the Russian classics (from the jury) and for addressing the classical heritage of the Oryol writer LN Andreev and staging his drama "Thought" (from Oryol department of the Union of theater workers of the Russian Federation - Oryoll theater "Russian style", director V Simonenko);
  • "for the depth and power of the toast" - a solo performance by Sergei Lysenko "Thank you all ..." Starooskolsky theater for children and youth;
  • for the creation of the image of rebellious poetry - the performance "Lessons of the Abbess"  by Anna Nekrasova (Romantic Theater of Yuri Tomashevsky, St. Petersburg).


  • "Best Actress" - Birutė Mar ("Words in the Sand", National Drama Theater of Lithuania, Vilnius);
  • "Best male role" - Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Barkovsky ("Zhukovsky, Farewell", theatrical Pushkin Center from St. Petersburg);
  • "The best supporting role" - Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Golyshev (based on S. Dovlatov’s works by  Melikhovsky Theater "Chekhov Studio", Moscow region);
  • "Best director" — "The Dresser" (directed by Alexander Mikhailov based on the same name play by Sir Ronald Harwood, Oryol Academic Theater named after I.S. Turgenev)
  • "The best work of the designer" — "The Dresser" (production designer Vladimir Korolev, OGAT named after I.S. Turgenev);
  • "Best performance of a small form" - "Monocle" (National Theater of Luxembourg);
  • "Best performance on the big stage" - "Stolen Happiness" (Theater "Free Space", Oryol, directed by Linas Zaikauskas).


  • «Best Actress» – Irina Evdokimova (performance «Shto-s»of the Moscow Theater project «АRT-Nest» based on Lermontov’s novel  «Stoss»);
  • "Best Actor" - Luke Schilz (solo performance "Monocle" by Stefan Gislan Roussel, National Theater of Luxembourg);
  • "Best Director" — "The Dresser" (a play staged by Alexander Mikhailov based on the play of the same name by Sir Ronald Harwood, Oryol  Academic Theater named after I.S. Turgenev);
  • "Best performance on a small stage" - "Zhukovsky. Farewell "(theatrical Pushkin Center, St. Petersburg);
  • "The best performance of a large form" - "The Queen of Spades" (a performance based on the novel by Alexander Pushkin and P.I. Tchaikovsky’s   opera.  Regional Puppet Theater in Grodno, Belarus).


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