A cockerel from abc book

Translate Boris Tuch

"Chicken from the ABC book" is a confidential revelation of the "little" person. The hero of the solo performance Mauno is a grown up man with a clear view of life, that has suffered from the contempt of the well off people. He is very vulnerable and lonely, fair and honest, prefers to live as he is told to. He answers all the questions with his favorite and the only book with pictures - the ABC book which became his bible. The show is about how the good and the bad get along in every person. And also how much any of us may be manipulated …

  • Director — Linas Marijus Zajkauskas
  • Designer — Margarita Misyukova


  • Mauno — Honored Actor of Russia Valeriy Lagosha

Running time: August 27, 2018

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