A journey to no-land

fairy tale about friendship
by Li Sonechka

A little show for not very little children.

1 st place in the competition of the Theater Workers Union of the Russian Federation in the nomination "A play for children under 13 for a big stage".

... Toys are made for joy. Bakers bake buns, tailors sew clothes, cows give milk. The toys are responsible for smiles and fun. The worst thing is to be useless. Being useless means being unnecessary. Being unnecessary means being lifeless.

Country No-Land is the country of lost things. It is the country where it is always safe and light, where the lost things are so free. However, you can get there only by defeating your most powerful fear. 

 A fairy tale about friendship, about fear and hope, about love and abandonment, about responsibility. About the thirst to BE.

Music by A. Vivaldi

  • Director — director, artist — Sergey Puzyrev
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Shchekotikhina
  • Vocal tutor — Valeria Torgova
  • Sound engineer — Svetlana Isaeva
  • Lighting Designer — Elena Podkolzina
  • Arrangement of the music — Sasha Mikhailov


  • Toys:
  • doll Masha — zasl. art. Russia Nonna Isayeva
  • doll Lyalya — Elena Simonova
  • Lieutenant — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Spider Ogilvy — Sergey Kozlov
  • Red doll — Maria Kozlova
  • The Blue Doll — Valery Zhilina
  • The Green Doll — Olga Virria
  • Toy soldiers — Mikhail Artemiev, Andrei Grigoryev
  • Clown — Oksana Ikonnikova
  • Rats — Maria Kozlova, Valeria Zhilina, Oksana Ikonnikova, Olga Virria, Mikhail Artemiev, Andrey Grigoryev
  • Summer — Oksana Ikonnikova
  • Autumn — Olga Virriyskaya
  • Winter — Maria Kozlova

Running time: November 3, 2011

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