a fairy tale for a whole family
by V. Lubiy

"Africa" is not only an exciting story about how the inhabitants of the primordial savannah were electing the Man to be the king of the nature, but also an amazing journey into the world of boundless childhood fantasy!

In the play there is a place for brave deeds and cunning intrigues, important decisions and exciting adventures. Love and devotion, of course, will win - "And so it will be until the end of time!", As the Turtle is singing in his wise songs.

  • Director — Gleb Volodin (St. Petersburg)
  • The artist — Elena Oleynik (St-Petersburg)
  • Choreographer — Vladimir Sergeenko
  • Vocal teacher — Olga Selina
  • Music design — Mikhail Nezhentsev


  • Andrey Grigoryev, Victoria Salenkova, Olesya Balabanova, Olga Virriyskaya, Vladimir Kozlovsky, Olga Chibisova, Yury Martyushin, Dmitry Litvintsev

Running time: July 12, 2018

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