Alibaba and the forty thieves

musical for kids and their parents
by S. Nikitin, V. Smekhov - one from the choir

Persia, Persia! Anything may happen in this exotic country of noisy bazaars, high mountains, green valleys and wonderful stories! The old shoemaker Mustafa’s hammer is knocking and his story is being told about the kind, simple-minded Ali Baba, his rich greedy brother Kasym, about the brutal leader of the brigands Hasan, about a cave with a magic door ... Joy is replaced by sadness, fun is followed by grief, a dance goes after a song, and events strike into a gallop. Where to? To a happy end, when the evil is punished, the cunning plans are destroyed, and Love and Friendship will celebrate the victory!

  • Director — Vladimir Akulov
  • Designer — Pеtr Okunev
  • Music Arrangement — Eduard Skorokhodov
  • Concertmaster and vocal teacher — Valeria Torgov
  • Choreographer — Claire Bryant
  • Choreographer-tutor — Svetlana Schekotikhina
  • Sound engineer — Svetlana Isayeva
  • Lighting Designer — Elena Podkolzina
  • Assistant director — Andrey Skripov


  • Ali Baba — Andrei Grigoriev, Yury Martyushin
  • Kasym, his brother — Mikhail Nezhentsev, Stanislav Ivanov
  • Zeynab, his wife — Elena Simonova, Elvira Uzyanbaeva
  • Fatima, Kasym’s wife — Irina Ageykina, Olga Chibisova
  • Mustafa, shoemaker — zasl. art. Of Russia Valery Lagosh
  • Boy — Andrey Grigoriev, Yury Martyushin
  • Khasan, ataman of the robbers — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Robbers — Mikhail Artemiev, Maxim Gromov, Andrei Grigoriev, Yury Martyushin, Vladimir Kozlovsky, Mikhail Nezhentsev, Rostislav Bilyk
  • The Persian Bazaar — Maria Kozlova, Julia Grigorieva, Natalia Bilyk, Olesya Balabanova, Olga Virriyskaya

Running time: July 11, 2018

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