An Artist and Love

research of Love
by E. Balagin

The performance has been sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the RF.

The young characters of this story may be named the "Romeo and Juliet from Oryol." By the power of the feelings that overwhelm them, they are in no way inferior to the Shakespearean characters. The obstacles in their way are no less than in Shakespeare’s play, because these young people are the bondmen in the theater of Count Kamensky, where one gets fiercely punished not only for love, but even for the slightest disobedience! And if the count himself liked a bondmaid, then to trying to resist his desires means condemning oneself to death. The playwright Evgeniy Balakin, and the theater, explores love, this mysterious feeling that can lift a person to a huge spiritual height, and can burn him to ashes, push him to a cruel crime ...

  • Director — Alexander Mikhailov
  • Artist — Maria Mikhailova
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Shekotikhina
  • Teachers on vocals — Elizaveta Gorenstein, Nadezhda Grineva
  • Assistant director — Marina Egurnova


  • Arkady, bondman artist — Maxim Gromov
  • Lyubasha, bondmaid — Valery Zhilina
  • Count Sergey Kamensky — Honored Artist of Russia Valery Lagosha
  • Frol Stepanovich, butler — Sergey Kozlov
  • Nikolai, brother of the Count — Albert MALTSEV
  • Father Paphnutius — Stanislav Ivanov
  • Evdokia, the priest’s wife — Honored Actress of Russia Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Anisya, a custodian — Larisa Lemenkova, Tatyana Shmeleva
  • Pelageya, ballet figurante — Yulia Grigoryeva
  • Eremey, stage worker — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Dmitry Egorka — Dmitry Kroychin
  • Captain-Lieutenant — Sergey Stepanov
  • The innkeeper Alexander Aksinenko
  • Bondmen artists, servants, guards, guests at the inn — students of the actor’s course of the Orel State Institute of Arts and Culture Alexander Aksinenko, Yevgenia Vishnyakova, Lidia Efanova, Lilia Krasova, Dmitry Krychin, Anastasia Rebrakova, Victoria Rotar, Nadezhda Staroverova, Sergey Stepanov, Angelina Chernolikhova , Anastasia Khalueva

Running time: July 11, 2018

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