Christmas Strory

by M. Bartenev, A. Usachev

The play is about a miracle of Christmas, spreading its kind light on every life, penetrating into any soul and giving birth to devotion, faith, kindness and love. The animals, not the people, in some way related to the events that took place in Judea tell about what happened there. Feeling the importance of what is happening, everything changes - and this is a miracle. And everyone will be gifted - each according to his hopes. The Christmas tale turns out to be a wise allegory, the meaning of which is not only Christmas.

  • Director — Honored Man of Arts of Russia Alexander Mikhailov
  • Artist — Irina Tkachenko
  • Costume designers — Irina Tkachenko and Maria Tkachenko
  • Composer — Boris Kiselev
  • Choreographer — Vera Lesnichaya


  • Bull — Honored Artist of Russia Valery Lagosha
  • Donkey — Vladimir Krasheninnikov
  • Lion — Mikhail Artemiev
  • Jackal — Oleg Semichev
  • The man — Sergey Puzyrev
  • Woman — Honored Actress of Russia Margarita Ryzhikova
  • The Magi — Honored Actress of Russia Nonna Isayeva, Tatiana Shmeleva, Yuliya Prokhorova
  • Birds — Maria Kozlova, Larisa Lemenkova, Valeria Zilina
  • Antelope — Honored Actress of Russia Elena Shigapova, Elvira Uzyanbaeva
  • Camels — Nikolai Rozhkov, Oleg Kotov, Andrei Bukhmiller

Running time: July 11, 2018

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