Do not part with your loved ones

divorce without an intermission
by Aleksandr Volodin

A strict judge comes out and sits down in the hall (in the first row) and begins his  interrogation. There is a divorce proceedings; a difficult case - the judge wants to prolong the marital life of these brainless divorcing people, who present their applications for divorce to her every day. Tragicomic collisions suddenly turn into not very funny problems. This is Volodin's style: through the optional lightness there appears a cruel finale, through tears – there is a tiny  but a chance for the future.

"Do not part with your loved ones" is an attempt to re-read the traditional text of a well-known play by Alexander Volodin. Director L. Lemenkova did not stop at the everyday content of drama, she, together with the actors, created a bright and entertaining playing space, where each character became also a symbol of some human quality.

Life, grotesque - many parameters of both the usual and experimental theater, have turned into a dynamic synthetic spectacle, where the words, plastic, music, color and light equally co-exist.

  • Directed by Larisa Lemenkova
  • Musical setting by Olga Selina
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Shchekotikhina


  • Judge — Lemenkova Larisa
  • Mitya — Kozlov Sergey
  • Katya — Simonova Elena
  • Irina — Ageykina Irina, Ikonnikova Oxana, Naryshkina Svetlana
  • Kozlov — Nezhentsev Mikhail
  • Kozlova — Bilyk Natalia, Grigoryeva Yulia
  • Valera — Artemyev Mikhail, Grigoryev Andrey
  • Model — Kozlova Maria
  • a woman — Valeria Zhilina
  • Kerilashvili Larisa — Bilyk Natalya, Grigorueva Yulia
  • Kerilashvili David — Litvintsev Dmitriy
  • Larisa’s mother — Kozlova Maria
  • Belyaev — Nezhentsev Mikhail
  • Belyaeva — Kozlova Maria
  • Belyaeva’s friend — Zhilina Valeria
  • Waiter — Litvintsev Dmitry
  • Mironov — Gromov Maksim
  • Mironova — Bilyk Natalia, Uzianbaeva Elvira
  • Shimilov — Litvintsev Dmitry
  • Shimilova — Zhilina Valeria
  • Nurse — Zhilina Valeria

Running time: June 17, 2010

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