tragic comedy
by S. Mrozek

A dreamer-workman and a pessimist - highbrow who are of absolutely different points of view met under the roof of the basement in a safe Europe on the eve of the most joyful family holiday - the New Year. In search of "happiness" they both ended up in a foreign country, where they feel they are outcasts. The holiday turns into a fierce dispute, where the highest rate is the Life itself. Torn into pieces by contradictions they passionately need understanding, compassion and love, but what they may give to each other is only despair, hatred and contempt. One of the most witty and profound playwrights of the 20th century, Slavomir Mrozek laughs and simultaneously bursts into tears over the vain attempts of Man to find the sense in the modern absurd life.

  • Directed by Larisa Lemenkova


  • Stanislav Ivanov, Dmitry Litvintsev

Running time: June 28, 2014

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