Full Steam Ahead

romantic fairy tale for young and grown up spectators
by K. Stepanycheva

The brightest Star that is guiding all sailors has suddenly disappeared from the horizon. And her father, the sea king Neptune, gathers brave heroes to find the Star. And these heroes are ships! They embark on an exciting sea voyages full of the most incredible adventures,, they will pass through storms and hurricanes, battles with pirates, sea Sirens and monsters to return the Star to the sky, and Hope and Love together with it. Such unusual characters and events are waiting for you, dear audience, in a bright New Year's show full of magic and romance!

Director Galina Zaltsman graduated from GITIS (Russian University of Theatre Arts), acting department, workshop of People's Artist of Russia, Professor A.V. Borodin (2005). From 2011 to 2016 she was a student of the department of general stage management of the Theater University named after B. Shchukin.

  • Director — Galina Zaltsman
  • Designer - Alexandra Novoselova
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Schekotikhina
  • Singing tutor — Valeria Torgova
  • Musical setting — Galina Zaltsman, Stas Ivanov, Andrei Grigoriev, Mikhail Nezhentsev
  • Director’s assistant — Marina Yegurnova, Andrey Skripov


  • Fearless — cruiser «Fearless» — Mikhail Artemiev
  • Juarez — dry cargo ship «Juarez» — Yury Martyushin
  • Al-Khorezmi — Al Khorezmi tanker — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Max — tug МКС-129 — Maxim Gromov
  • Isabella — yacht «Isabella» — Elena Simonova, Maria Kozlova
  • Old Mayak — Albert Maltsev
  • Guiding Star — Elvira Kuznetsova, Victoria Salenkova
  • Fata Morgana — Irina Ageykina, Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Crocodile — Sergey Kozlov
  • Peacock — Vladimir Kozlovsky
  • Musicians, Pirates, Dragons and all other characters — Andrei Grigoryev, Stanislav Ivanov, Mikhail Nezhentsev, Oksana Ikonnikova

Running time: July 12, 2018

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