He who gets slapped

circus mystery
by Leonid Andreev

Once L. Andreev said that his play tells about beautiful gods who lost their way in the labyrinths of the souls of small men.

At first glance, the plot of the play is for an operetta or a melodrama, Andreev, unequivocally, anticipated the stories of the Princess of Circus by Imre Kalman and Zita and Gita, but it's not so simple. The public, in addition to the intricacies of the plot, has to solve many of the mysteries from  the playwright. What really is a circus of Papa Briquet? Who really is this gentleman with the sad eyes who, like an angel, will give all deep but useless advice? What is it like to be a goddess under a tinsel of a rider? In short, the audience is offered a kind of theatrical quest, for the solution of which you may need not only the knowledge of Andreev's creativity, but also mythology.

Enamored riders, a fatal tamer of lions, barons and counts that burn their lives away ... Anatomy of passion, heated atmosphere, a break in feelings and situations ... Everything was mixed up under the tent of the old circus. And all this is guaranteed to make an impression on every spectator.

  • Director of the play — Andrey Dezhonov
  • Designer — Arina Slobodyanik
  • Composer — Kirill Mikhalev
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Shchekothina
  • Director’s assistant — Andrey Skripov


  • Consuelo — Natalia Bilyk, Elvira Kuznetsova
  • Count Mancini, Consuelo’s father — Sergey Kozlov
  • The one, the clown in the circus Briquet — Valery Lagosha
  • Briquet («Papa Briquet») — Nikolay Rozhkov, Mikhail Artemiev
  • Zinida, tamer of lions, wife of Briquet — Maria Kozlova, Elena Simonova
  • Alfred Bezano — Andrei Grigoryev
  • Baron Renyar — Albert Maltsev
  • Mister — Maxim Gromov
  • Jackson, the clown — Michael Artemiev, Vladimir Kozlovsky
  • Musical Clowns: Tili — Stanislav Ivanov
  • Poly — Yury Martyushin
  • Thomas — Mikhail Nezhentsev
  • Angelica — Julia Grigoryeva

Running time: August 27, 2018

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