I will not come back

by Yaroslava Pulinovich

Yaroslava Pulinovich is a young Russian world-known playwright. Her plays are on the stage of the Russian theaters as well as the theaters of England, Poland, USA, Lithuania, Ukraine. Her script for ‘I will not be back’ was awarded Grand-Prize at the European Competition in Paris.

The main character of this script is a young girl Anya who grew up in an orphanage. She finished school with honors, she is a university teacher, and she is going to the USA with a course of lectures. And suddenly, after a false accusation of committing a crime, her life abruptly chops around: Anya is wanted by the police, she has to hide, change her name, surname, age ... Together with her younger friend, she goes on a long trip across the country to Vladivostok. She faces multitude of people of different ages and social status on her way, testing her faith in the Good and Justice.

  What will happen? Who will betray? Who will help? Will the girls achieve their goal?

  • Director — Gleb Volodin (St. Petersburg).
  • Designer — Ekaterina Uglenko (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Singing tutor — Valeria Torgova
  • Director’s assistant — Marina Yegurnova, Andrey Skripov


  • Anya — Natalia Bilyk
  • Christina — Yulia Grigorieva
  • Lucius — Rostislav Bilyk
  • Herman — Andrey Grigoryev
  • Grandmother — Honored Actress of Russia Nonna Isaeva
  • Natalia Ivanovna — Honored Actress of Russia Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Morozov- Yuriy Martyushin
  • Investigator — Oleg Kotov
  • Psychologist — Maria Kozlova
  • Zoya Ivanovna — Larisa Lemenkova
  • The driver of KAMAZ is Vladimir Krasheninnikov
  • Driver-southerner — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • Cat — Victoria Salenkova
  • Cars drivers, policemen, guards, salesmen, watchmen, girls, guys, prostitutes, old women, teachers, students, graduates — A. Bukhmiller, D. Lytvintsev, O. Kotov, M.Kozlova, L.Lemenkova, J.Martiushin, .Honored Actress of the RF M. Ryzhikova, T. Shmeleva, O. Balabanova, O.Virriyska, V.Kozlovsky, M.Nezhentsev, E.Uzienbaeva, O.Chibisova.

Running time: July 11, 2018

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