Ivona, Princess of Burgundia

by Witold Gombrowicz

This is on of the most famous plays of 20th century written by a classical Polish author Witold Gombrowicz. It is grotesque about a free person facing a rigid and artificial system of power. Prince of Burgundia decides to marry a common silent girl Ivonna which is not approved by the Royal Court. They treat her with contempt, get irritated and finally wish to kill her.

  • Director — Grzegorz Mrówczyński
  • Stage and costume designer — Karina Avtandilova


  • Ivonna — Valeria Zhilina
  • King Igraciy — Honored Actor of Russia Valeriy Lagosha
  • Queen Margaret — Honored Actress of Russia Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Prince Philipp — Maxim Gromov
  • Lord-in-waiting — Mikhail Artemiev
  • Isa — Olesia Balabanova
  • Kirill — Sergey Kozlov
  • Kiprion — Mikhail Nezhentsev
  • Innokenty — Yuriy Martuishin
  • Valentin — Stanislav Ivanov
  • Madams — Maria Kozlova, Elvira Kuznetsova
  • Aunts — Honored Actress of Russia Nonna Isaeva, Tatiana Shmeleva
  • Pauper — Yuriy Martuishin

Running time: July 31, 2018

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