tragic farce about women’s destiny
by N. Gogol

Women always say "when I get married", and men - "if I get married" (Elizabeth Gaskell)

"The wish to get married continued up to breakfast, and then it was gone." (Nikolay II, 16 years old, from the diary on November 19, 1884)

Director Linas Zaikauskas in his version turns over the mind and reality. He is convinced that no one but a woman knows what a "marriage" is. And this delicate feminine take on all male characters in the play ... Perhaps this is the main intrigue of the play.

And yet ... Subtle humor, extremely picturesque characters and a twist ending.

  • Director — Linas Zajkauskas
  • Stage designer — Margarita Misyukova
  • Assistant director — Marina Egurnova


  • Podkolesin, court counselor — Maria Kozlova
  • Kochkarev, his friend — Irina Ageykina, Elvira Kuznetsova
  • Agafya Tikhonovna, the merchant’s daughter, the bride — Olesya Balabanova
  • Arina Panteleimonovna, aunt — Olga Chibisova
  • Fyokla Ivanovna, matchmaker — Yulia Grigorieva
  • Yaichnitsa, the executor — Honored Actress of the Russian Federation Nonna Isayeva
  • Anuchkin, a retired infantry officer — Valeriya Zhilina, Elena Simonova
  • Zhevakin, the sailor — Honored Actress of the Russian Federation Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Dunyasha, the girl in the house — Olga Virriiskaya
  • Stepan, the servant of Podkolesin — Larisa Lemenkova, Victoria Salenkova

Running time: July 31, 2018

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