common miracle in two acts
by N. Richard Nash

This is an amazing story about how the eccentric vagabond offering to "sell the rain" rocked the lives of the inhabitants of a small American town languishing in unbearable heat and depression. Should we hope for miracles in our pragmatic time, and can the faith in a miracle make it real? Who can tell what to get support from in today life, and who can be trusted? And, finally, are natural cataclysms a reflection of human thirst for love, understanding, compassion? The famous Broadway play "The Rainmaker" by Richard Nash makes us look at the world and ourselves with different eyes and, perhaps, still believe in a miracle, in our own happiness, which turns out to be "so close, so possible."

  • Director — Vladimir Vetrogonov (St. Petersburg)
  • Designer — Olga Kulagina (Saint-Petersburg)
  • Music setting — Olga Selina


  • H.C. Curry — Vladimir Krasheninnikov
  • His children:
  • Noah Curry — Sergey Kozlov
  • Jim Curry — Andrey Grigoriev, Yuriy Martiushin
  • Lizzie Curry — Maria Kozlova
  • Bill Starbuck — Honored Actor of Russia Valeriy Lagosha
  • Sheriff Thomas — Tom Flatley Reynolds
  • File, the Sheriff’s assistant — Mikhail Artemiev

Running time: July 11, 2018

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