The Captain’s daughter

stage version
by A. Pushkin

The Captain's daughter is a book well-known to every Russian schoolchild. Is it an exciting adventure story or a historical story about the Russian riot "senseless and ruthless"? Not only.

It's hard to believe that after Pugachev times, after the confrontation between the regime and the people, Russia would go through civil conflicts again and again as if cursed by someone. It takes a colossal strain of strength, intelligence, conscience, in order to resist violence and preserve the main human qualities - honor and dignity. Our show is an attempt to reread the story to uncover this mystery. We understand the responsibility of bringing scenic life to the favourite characters but we consider them as alive human beings.

  • Staging and direction — Alexander Mikhaylov
  • Designer — Maria Mikhaylova
  • Music — Sasha Mikhaylov
  • Choreographer and staging of fights — Oleg Nikolaev
  • Waltz by A. Shnitke is used in the production.
  • Poem by A. Pushkin «Demons» sounds to the music by actors Stanislav Ivanov and Andrey Grigoryev
  • Singing tutor — Valeria Torgova
  • Director’s assistant — Marina Egurnova


  • Petr Grinev — Andrey Grigoryev
  • Emelian Pugachev — Honored Actor of Russia Valeriy Lagosha
  • Masha Mironova — Valeria Zhilina, Elena Simonova
  • Alexey Shvabrin — Sergey Kozlov
  • Savelyich — Vladimir Krasheninnikov
  • Ivan Kuzmich Mironov, captain — Mikhail Artemiev
  • Vasilisa Egorovna Mironova — Honored Actress of Russia Nonna Isaeva
  • Andrey Petrovich Grinev — Oleg Kotov
  • Avdotia Vasilievna Grineva — Honored Actress of Russia Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Queen — Maria Kozlova
  • Ivan Ignatievich, lieutenant — Oleg Semichev, Albert Maltsev
  • Palashka — Elvira Uzianbaeva, Olesia Balabanova
  • Priest’s wife — Svetlana Naryshkina
  • Khlopusha — Rostislav Bilyk
  • Beloborodov — Yuriy Martiushin
  • General Andrey Karlovich — Stanislav Ivanov
  • Advisor — Igor Goltiapin
  • Officials — Andrey Buchmiller, Mikhail Nezhentsev
  • Hostess of the inn — Tatiana Shmeleva
  • Investigators — Rostislav Bilyk, Yuriy Martiushin
  • Officer — Dmitriy Litvintsev
  • Coachman — Mikhail Nezhentsev
  • Cossacks, soldiers, courtiers, people — actors of the theater

Running time: July 11, 2018

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