There Were Tears Larger Than the Eyes

based on M. Tsvetaeva's works
by M. Tsvetaeva

“Novel about Sonechka” is an undoubted masterpiece of the great Russian literature. In her solo performance actress Valeria Zhilina declares her love to the author and the characters, admires their talent, braveness and honesty.

In 2015-16 the show participated in international theater festivals in Saint-Petersburg, in Chisinau (Moldova), in Hannover (Germany), in Lithuania, in festival 'Theater divertissement' in Israel. It was twice performed in Marina Tsvetaeva Museum in Moscow. At Orel International festival of chamber and solo performances the show directed by A. Mikhaylov got the Grand Prize.

  • Stage Director — Honored Man of Arts of Russia Alexander Mikhaylov
  • Stage Designer — Maria Mikhaylova


  • Valeria Zhilina

Running time: July 11, 2018

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