clown comedy in 2 acts
by G. Gladkov, G. Gorin

Grigory Gorin as well as great Shakespeare freely and enthusiastically writes his versions of well-known stories, exploring the existing myths and opening new meanings. His heroes do not belong to specific countries and times, they live in the universe and in eternity. They are People, and they are easy to understand for us as well as our friends and neighbors. They care about very important matters - Freedom, Conscience, Tyranny ... Gorin started out as a humorist, but then, retaining optimism, became the most interesting Russian playwright-satirist of our time. Both he and his heroes will stay with us for a long time.

  • Director — Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Mikhailov
  • Designer — Maria Mikhailova
  • Choreographer — Svetlana Shekotikhina
  • Music arrangement — Sasha Mikhailov
  • Choirmaster, vocal tutor — Valeria Torgova
  • Sound engineer — Svetlana Isayeva
  • Lighting Designer — Elena Podkolzina


  • Til — Sergey Kozlov
  • Nela, Betkin, Anna — Valeria Zhilina, Svetlana Naryshkina
  • Catalina, mother of Nele — Margarita Ryzhikova
  • Klaas, coal miner — Mikhail Artemyev
  • Sootkin, his wife — Nonna Isaeva, Elena Shigapova
  • Jost, fishfish — Valery Lagosha
  • Lamme Gudzak — Stanislav Ivanov
  • Kalliken, his wife — Elvira Uzyanbaeva
  • Executioner — Albert Maltsev
  • King of Spain Philip II — Yuri Martyushin
  • Queen Maria — Maria Kozlova, Larisa Lemenkova
  • PROFOS of the city of Damme — Vladimir Krasheninnikov
  • Inquisitor — Oleg Kotov
  • Riesenkraft, German officer, monk Cornelius — Dmitry Litvintsev
  • The Duke Oransky — Sergey Puzyrev
  • Corporal, foreman, fisherman’s partner — Andrey Grigoryev
  • General — Andrei Buhmiller, Nikolai Rozhkov
  • Stephen, the owner of the brothel — Tatyana Shmeleva, Nonna Isaeva
  • Brewer — Oleg Semichiev
  • Giza, Spanish soldiers, townspeople and townspeople, girls in the brothel, perfumes — Andrey Bukhmiller, Nikolai Rozhkov, Natalia Bilyk, Yulia Grigoryeva, Andrey Grigoryev, Maxim Gromov, Olesya Balabanova, Vladimir Kozlovsky, Mikhail Nezhentsev, Olga Virriyskaya, Olga Chibisova, Sergey Puzyrev, Victoria Salenkova, Elena Simonova, student of the acting course OGIK Alexander Aksinenko

Running time: July 11, 2018

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