When the artist’s soul is singing


When a person feels awesome, his/her soul is singing. The artist is not a common person. A creative one! Therefore, when his/her soul is singing  it makes everyone around feel awesome. And this special state of mind will help to get new impressions that the spectator receives during the performance.

Our new play "When the artist’s soul is singing" is full of music and dances. It gets together all songs that the artist’s soul wishes: from the present, the past and even the future. More than 20 famous compositions will make you laugh, be sad, be joyful, sing along, and maybe even cry.

What shall an artist do when …. a spectator …. suddenly appears in the theater ... a spectator? "Bake" a new show. Cheerful, witty, full of unexpected turns and curious moments. Artists will have fun  themselves and cheer up their favorite audience. And what will this result in? We'll see ...

Running time: August 7, 2018

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